TwinStrand DuplexSeq measuring MRD in AML

Higher Accuracy With Ultra Sensitive Detection

TwinStrand Duplex Sequencing® technology has 10,000-fold higher accuracy compared to standard Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Error-corrected NGS: Sequencing data without background noise

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) allows the identification of mutations in heterogeneous complex samples. But, current NGS methods are prone to errors leading to inaccurate results. Unlike true mutations, which are complementary and present on both strands, sequencing errors that occur during amplification only impact one strand.

Our proprietary error-corrected NGS (ecNGS) technology, Duplex Sequencing, virtually eliminates sequencing errors by comparing individually labeled complementary DNA strands. Our technology allows for detecting rare genetic variants with an error rate of less than 1/10,000,000 per nucleotide sequenced compared to 1/100 to 1/1,000 of standard NGS.

Leveraging DNA double-helix for error correction

Easy to interpret sequencing results with our state-of-the-art proprietary software

Mutation Analysis

Example: Mutation data from our mutagenesis product.

Example: Mutation data from our mutagenesis product.

Empowering new discoveries in key research areas with ultra-high accuracy Duplex Sequencing

Genetic Toxicology

Genetic Toxicology

Hematological Cancers

TwinStrand Duplex Sequencing technology eliminates background errors for a >10,000-fold increase in sensitivity over standard NGS

By sequencing both strands of DNA an error-corrected consensus sequence is created for greater specificity that reveals ultra-low frequency variants with a >10,000-fold increase in sensitivity over standard NGS.

The true variant (dark purple) can be hiding in the background of standard NGS (light purple).

The true variant easily detected with Duplex Sequencing.

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Customizable Assay

Customizable Assay

TwinStrand Duplex Sequencing Kits and Services are For Research Use Only. Not For Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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